Wire Cutting VS Laser Cutting

March 11, 2023
Latest company news about Wire Cutting VS Laser Cutting

Wire Cutting VS Laser Cutting


During the process of titanium materials, wire cutting and laser cutting are one of the most familiar processing technologies. Do you tell the differences between them?


*Comparison of application scope

Laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, whether metal or non-metal, all could be cut, and the deformation is small. Wire cutting can only cut conductive material, Cutting coolant is required during the cutting process, so paper, leather and other non-conductive materials that afraid of water and coolant pollution can not be cut.

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Heavy Titanium Plate


*Cut thickness comparison

Laser cutting for carbon steel in the industrial application is generally below 20mm, cutting capacity is generally below 40mm. In stainless steel industrial applications are generally below 16mm, cutting capacity is generally below 25mm. With the increase of the thickness, the cutting speed decreases obviously. The thickness of wire cutting is generally 40 ~ 60 mm, and the thickest can reach 600 mm.


Cutting speed comparison

Laser cutting is fast and can be used for mass production. For metal processing, wire cutting has higher accuracy, but the speed is very slow, sometimes need to use other methods in addition to perforation, and the cutting size is greatly limited.


*Comparison of cutting accuracy

The laser cutting incision is narrow, both sides of the slit are parallel and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the cutting parts can be up to ±0.2mm. Wire cutting machining accuracy is generally ±0.01 ~ ±0.02 mm, up to ±0.004 mm.

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Titanium Equipment


*Comparison of production input costs

Laser cutting machine for different purposes of the model has different prices. Laser cutting has no consumables, but the cost of equipment investment is the highest in all cutting methods, and the operation and maintenance costs are also quite high. Wire cutting is generally lower price, but wire cutting is consumable, need molybdenum wire, cutting coolant and so on.