Do You Familiar With Water Cutting?

March 11, 2023
Latest company news about Do You Familiar With Water Cutting?

Do You Familiar With Water Cutting?


Sometimes when we are dealing with titanium plate in wide with and heavy thickness,, titanium plate cutting faces certain challenges, cutting it needs very rigid equipment and good performance of cutting tools. Although there are many ways to cut various types of titanium metal materials, not every method is suitable for large and heavy titanium plate, and high-pressure water cutting will be one of the good choice.


Water cutting has high speed, and generate the smallest tangential force, with high processing accuracy, and harmless to the environment, can be safely used in more workplaces. This is a cold cutting method, and the amount of heat generated by the cutting is too small to change the material structure. Various specifications of titanium plates can also be easily fed through the cutter, in most cases, titanium plate could be fixed down while do not need special fixture.

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Waterjet cutting, also called high-pressure water cutting, namely high pressure water jet cutting technology, it's a machine that uses high-pressure water to cut. It uses superchargers to press water to pressures of 10 mpa -400 mpa or more, the water obtains pressure energy and then ejects it from the small nozzle, converting the pressure energy into kinetic energy, thus forming a high-speed jet. Water cutting is to use the kinetic energy of the high-speed jet impact to destroy the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting and forming. Under the control of the computer can arbitrarily carve the workpiece, and it is less affected by the material texture. It has gradually become the mainstream cutting method of industrial cutting technology.


There are several advantages of Water cutting. Firstly, wide cutting range, better cutting quality with smooth incision, and do not have rough and burr edge; Secondly, no hot working. Because it is cut with water and abrasives, no heat (or very little) is generated during processing, so there is no afraid of producing thermal effects or deformations or subtle cracks, oo need for secondary processing, it can save time and manufacturing costs; Thirdly, environmental protection. the machine uses water and sand cutting, this kind of sand will not produce toxic gas in the process of processing which could be directly discharged; Last but not the least, high working efficiency. You do not need to change the cutting device, one nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.

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