Titanium Anode Baskets Mmo Coating 6mm X 3mm 10mm X 5mm For Electroplating

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CSTI
Certification ISO9001
Model Number titanium anode baskets20221216
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Price $100.00 - $300.00/ Piece
Packaging Details 1. Packing with moisture-proof paper; 2. Packing with foam plastics in all sides; 3. Packing products in standard wooden cases.
Delivery Time 10~15 work days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Product Details
Substrate Gr1 /Gr2 As Basement Composition Titanium Plate And Titanium Mesh
Coating Ir Oxide /Pt Oxide Type Round, Rectangular, Disc Shape And So On
Thickness Of Titanium Ranges 0.5-2mm Mesh Size 6mm×3mm, 10mm×3mm, 10mm×5mm,16mm×8mm, 25mm×15mm And So On
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Mmo Coating Titanium Anode Baskets


Electroplating Titanium Anode Baskets


Gr1 Titanium Basket

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Product Description

titanium anode baskets Gr1 Ir Pt coating metal plating,revovery

titanium anode baskets for electroplating and insoluble anode are essential parts of electroplating tank. Most anode baskets are made of titanium materials with excellent corrosion resistance. The insoluble anodes used for electroplating are usually titanium substrates and coated with a layer of MMO noble metal oxides such as iridium tantalum and other functional coatings on the surface of the substrate.


titanium anode baskets for electroplating has the following characteristics:

1, the shape and size is stable, so that the current distribution is uniform, maintain the uniformity of electroplating.

2, the delivery package is customized, so as to ensure the quality of the product, avoid the poor electrode in the plating process damage and corrosion, so that the production line to stop cleaning and replacing the anode, so as to improve production efficiency.

3. After special process and formula, the precious metal coating has high activity, which makes the regeneration of electroplating additives play a strong catalytic role.

4, the use of titanium substrate material, anode service life is long, and can withstand higher current density. Because the titanium anode is an insoluble anode, it will not dissolve itself, so it will not produce anode mud and other impurities metal ions leakage pollution tank.

Composition titanium plate and titanium mesh
thickness of titanium ranges between 0.5-2mm
mesh size 6mm×3mm, 10mm×3mm, 10mm×5mm,16mm×8mm, 25mm×15mm and so on
types of titanium basket

round, rectangular, disc shape and so on

Special design can also be made according to the requirements of the product

Titanium baskets are usually used in conjunction with anode bags. Anode bag is generally made of acid and alkali corrosion resistant or oxidation resistant polyester (polyester fiber) or polypropylene (polypropylene fiber), set outside the titanium basket, to prevent the anode mud slag and other debris mixed into the tank. Sometimes, in order to prevent anode mud more effectively and prevent the coating from burring, a double anode bag can be used. When using double bag, the inner bag should be set tightly and the outer bag should be loosened. The anode bag must have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and good elasticity

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Titanium Anode Baskets Mmo Coating 6mm X 3mm 10mm X 5mm For Electroplating 0
Titanium Anode Baskets Mmo Coating 6mm X 3mm 10mm X 5mm For Electroplating 1
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Titanium Anode Baskets Mmo Coating 6mm X 3mm 10mm X 5mm For Electroplating 2

Titanium Anode Baskets Mmo Coating 6mm X 3mm 10mm X 5mm For Electroplating 3

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Titanium basket design points
1. The conductivity of titanium is poor. Generally, the hook current outside the water is not more than 0.24A/mm2, and the hook current in the water is not more than 1.5A/mm2
2, titanium basket hook and electrode generally do not use plane or round surface contact, this way is easy to cause poor contact, so that the electrode will produce spot corrosion


Precautions for use titanium anode baskets
1. The titanium anode basket and anode bag are soaked in 10% lye for 6-8 hours, washed dry, and then soaked in 5% dilute sulfuric acid
2. When it is found that the titanium basket hook becomes obviously hot, the number of titanium basket or the cross-section size of titanium basket hook can be increased to improve the conductivity of titanium basket
3. The mouth of the titanium basket should be slightly higher than the liquid level by 30-40mm to prevent the outflow of anode slag
4. The lower end of the titanium basket should be 100~150mm higher than the parts (the side close to the liquid level can be considered to install a mask), in order to avoid the current concentration of the lower part, causing burning
5, the titanium basket and the anode should be in close contact, otherwise the anode potential on the titanium basket will rise sharply, so that the surface of the titanium basket oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction, causing damage to the titanium basket and the oxidation of additives
6, the anode bag to the titanium basket mouth tightly wrapped, the bottom of the bag should be set aside a few centimeters gap, in order to store the possible anode mud slag
7, every half a month to a month to clean the anode bag and titanium anode basket, and replace the damaged anode bag, to ensure that the plating solution, plating tank pollution
8, timely supplement or enrich the anode material, so as to avoid insufficient nickel "overhead", otherwise titanium will be eroded

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