Titanium Electrode Plate Gr1 Gr2 20g For Swimming Pool Disinfection Anode

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CSTI
Certification ISO9001
Model Number sodium hypochlorite generator titanium anode
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Price $30.00 - $100.00/ Piece
Packaging Details 1. Packing with moisture-proof paper; 2. Packing with foam plastics in all sides; 3. Packing products in standard wooden cases.
Delivery Time 10~15 work days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 500 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Product Details
Substrate Gr1 Titanium As Substrate Coating Mixed Ruthenium-Iridium Oxide Coating
Application Swimming Pool Disinfection Coating Content 5~20g
Technology Sand Blasting, Acid Washing And Brush Coating Electrolyte Salt Water / Saline Solution/ Brine/ Sea Water
Dimension Custom-made Sizes Available
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gr1 titanium anode plate


20g titanium anode plate


gr2 titanium electrodes

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Product Description

Titanium Electrode Plate Gr1 Gr2 20g For Swimming Pool Disinfection Anode

Electrolytic salt disinfection of swimming pool water is one of the most healthy, the most economical, the most reliable, the most ecological, the most effective way of disinfection of swimming pool water - electrolytic salt disinfection.
Practice has proved that it has achieved the ideal effect of disinfection of swimming pool in Europe, America, Australia and other advanced countries.
It is a new disinfection concept for swimming pools. Put salt into a swimming pool, 4,000 to 6,000 ppm, which is one cubic meter of pool water
Put in 4 to 6 kilograms of salt. After circulating filtration system, pool water passes through electrolytic salt disinfection equipment to generate pure active chlorine and atomic oxygen online
The effect of pure chlorine and ozone disinfection. Chlorine compounds are produced during oxidation and disinfection, especially odorous and carcinogenic byproducts such as organochlorine, which have
After circulating the filtration system and passing through the electrolytic salt disinfection equipment, the harmful substances are electrolyzed into effective chlorine and atomic oxygen, thus degrading the combined organochlorine.
In middle school chemistry, there is the experiment of electrolyzing salt water, the result is: the positive electrode electrolysis produces chloride ion CI-, the negative electrode electrolysis produces a small amount of oxygen ion
O plus. The method of electrolytic salt is applied to the water treatment project of swimming pool, so as to realize the effect of active pure chlorine and ozone disinfection.

Product name

titanium anode plate for swimming pool disinfection






With higher electrical conductivity;
High chlorine evolution potential ;
Stronger Oxidation ability;
Higher Anti-corrosion ;
Longer lifetime: 8000-15000 Hours
Higher efficiency;

Coating type

Ruthenium-Iridium titanium anode
Ruthenium-Iridium-stannum titanium anode
Iridium-Tantalum titanium anode
Ruthenium-titanium anode
Platinum titanium anode
Ru-Ir-PT Titanium anode
Lead dioxide titanium anode

Manufacturing processes

1) Pretreatment: choosing right material, cutting ,welding accordingly , annealing ,cleansing ,acid etching
2) Preparing noble metal: be made up in proportion of mol according to customer's application
3) Brush painting :coated by 18 to 20 times
4) thermal decomposition of oxidation



Sample size

1.0*100*100mm at stock  

1. Substrate Metal Chemical Composition:















    Substrate Metal Mechanical Properties:


Tensile strength(min)

Yield strength(min)

Elongation (%)











2. MMO Coating: Mixed Ruthenium-Iridium Oxide


Oxygen revolution potential

Suitable working environment

Mixed Ruthenium and Iridium


Solution contains Cl-, PH>=7

    Coating Contents and Life Span:






6,000 hours

8,000 hours

10,000 hours

12,000 hours

13,500 hours

3. Working Parameters for Ru-Ir Coating:

Current density


Chlorine concentration

Polarity reversal

Reversal frequency



About 30grams/liter


2-4 hours


The overall response is expressed as follows:
NaCl + H2O → NaClO + H2↑
Electrode reaction:
anode: 2Cl--2e → Cl2
Cathode: 2H+ + 2e → H2
Solution reaction: 2NaOH + Cl2 → NaCl + NaClO + H2O

Titanium Electrode Plate Gr1 Gr2 20g For Swimming Pool Disinfection Anode 0

Titanium Electrode Plate Gr1 Gr2 20g For Swimming Pool Disinfection Anode 1


The invention of the titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection and its application in the sodium hypochlorite generator is undoubtedly an important breakthrough for the use of on-site sodium hypochlorite production technology for drinking water treatment and disinfection of private and public swimming pools. Use the titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection to produce sodium hypochlorite on-site and compare it with chlorine or a large amount of sodium hypochlorite, which is not only safe but also environmentally friendly. The use of titanium anodes to produce sodium hypochlorite can avoid the use of corrosive and dangerous chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid.
The reaction principle of preparing sodium hypochlorite by the electrode is to electrolyze sodium chloride dissolved in water. During the electrolysis process, sodium hypochlorite is formed. The most suitable salt concentration is 3-5 g/L. If you need to increase the utilization rate of salt, you can use a diaphragm, which is usually used in large equipment and swimming pools.

Titanium Electrode Plate Gr1 Gr2 20g For Swimming Pool Disinfection Anode 2

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Our company :

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of titanium electrodes, coated titanium anodes and waste water treatment solution in China. It has a professional technical team and skilled workers with decades of experience in titanium electrodes and electrochemistry fields. It can offer you customize high quality titanium electrodes and perfect solutions.

Common problems of electrolytic salt disinfection equipment for swimming pool:
1.the type of salt: can not use mineral salt, can use salt, softened water salt grain, sun salt block, water treatment with salt and sea water.
2.Salt placement: Powder salt dissolves easily in pool water. Granular, blocky salt is best placed near the bottom discharge, the pool water in the bottom discharge cycle, the melt Salt is dispersed in water.
3.The dosage of salt The dosage of salt is 4000-6000ppm. The amount of salt in the new pool is zero. Every 4 to 6 kilograms added to 1 cubic meter of water is approximately 4000-6000ppm.
4.What happens when you add too much salt? Excessive salt will not affect the work, only feel salt. Excess salt (over 6000ppm) will corrode other devices.Prepare, even corrosion stainless steel. Some equipment has strict requirements and control on salt content, and must be put in accordance with the specification.
5.the number of salt adding the first salt, only the pool water leakage, rain washed away, backwashing, swimmers away and other situations, will make the salt loss.
6.titanium electrode plate life: in the design of the system and plate material. The system with automatic polarity reversal of the plate has a long life of the electrode plate, titanium electrode plate have long life.


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