Factory Gr12 welding titanium Pipe titanium alloy tube for industrial

Place of Origin China Baoji
Brand Name CSTY
Certification ISO9001
Model Number CSTY-TB
Minimum Order Quantity 10kg
Price 28-50USD/Kg
Packaging Details Woven Bag With Export Wood Case
Delivery Time 15-30days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C or Negotiation
Supply Ability 50Ton per month

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Product Details
Material Titanium Gr1 Gr2 Gr5 Gr7 Gr9 Length 18000mm
Wall Thickness 1-10mm Processing Bending,Welding ,Cutting,Punching
OD 19-630mm Surface Acid Picking /Polished
High Light

Gr12 Titanium Welded Pipe


Acid Pickling Titanium Welded Pipe


TA10 titanium alloy pipe

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Product Description

TA10 Grade 12(Ti-0.8Ni-0.3Mo) Titanium Welded Pipe For Chemical Equipment And Tanks

A10 (Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni, titanium-molybdenum-nickel alloy) Titanium alloy is a corrosion-resistant titanium alloy. The foreign similar grade Gr.12 (US) is a near-α developed to improve the crevice corrosion performance of pure titanium. Alloy, which contains 0.3% Mo and 0.8% Ni, not only strengthens the alloy, but also has good resistance to crevice corrosion to high temperature, low pH chloride or weakly reducing acid, and its corrosion resistance is significantly better than pure titanium And close to TA9 / Gr7 alloy. TA10 / Gr12 alloy also has good process plasticity and welding properties, and has been widely used in chemical manufacturing equipment and tanks. The alloy can be used in the annealed state, and the main forms are sheet, rod, pipe, forging and wire Wait.
Density 0.163lb/in3
Coefficient 15x106psi
Beta transformation temperature(+/-25oF) 1635F-1735oF
Thermal conductivity 13-10Btu/ft·h·°F
Coefficient of thermal expansion(32-600oF) 5.1x10-6/oF
Melting point ~3000oF


Factory Gr12 welding titanium Pipe titanium alloy tube for industrial 0

Welding Properties of Titanium alloys
At room temperature, titanium and titanium alloys are relatively stable. Titanium and titanium alloys have many advantages as structural materials, such as low specific gravity, high tensile strength and high yield strength. They still have high enough strength at 300 ~ 500 ° C. It has excellent corrosion resistance in most media of acid and alkali salts, and it has been widely used in aviation, chemical industry and nuclear industry.
But as temperature rises, the ability of titanium and its alloys to absorb hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen gradually rises. Titanium absorbs hydrogen from 250 ° C, oxygen from 400 ° C, and nitrogen from 600 ° C. Due to the high affinity of titanium alloys with O2, N2, and H2, the joints containing these gases will make the joints brittle, reducing the impact performance, plasticity and toughness of titanium alloy welded joints. When titanium alloy contains hydrogen, delayed cracks occur in the heat-affected zone. When the weld contains high levels of oxygen and nitrogen, the weld or the heat-affected zone will also have cracks under the effect of large welding stresses, which are also delayed cracks. Therefore, inert gas (or vacuum chamber) protection is very necessary.
TIG welding :Because the cost of using a vacuum chamber is relatively high, an inert gas protection method is generally used. The shielding gases are mainly helium and argon. Because helium is more expensive than argon, generally speaking, for high-purity argon gas to protect the welding joints and heat-affected zones of titanium alloys that are not particularly required, oxidation can be prevented.
Welding process: manual TIG argon arc welding, automatic plasma argon arc welding
Porosity problems in welds :Porosity is a common problem when welding titanium and titanium alloys. The root cause of stomata is the result of the effects of hydrogen. The formation of pores in the weld metal mainly affects the fatigue strength of the joint. The main technological measures to prevent pores are: (1) The protection of neon gas should be pure, and the purity should not be less than 99.99% (2) Thoroughly remove organic matters such as scale oil on the surface of the welding piece and the surface of the welding wire. (3) Apply good gas protection to the molten pool, control the flow and velocity of argon gas, prevent turbulence, and affect the protection effect. (4) Correctly select the welding process parameters, increase the use of the deep pool residence time and the right to use the bubbles to escape, which can effectively reduce the pores.

1. Are you the manufacturing or trading company?
Real manufacturing company, started from 2001, nearly 20 years. With 2 sales teams for foreign trading business, started from 2008, more than 10 years experiences.
2. Do you have a dedicated R & D team? Can you design a product for us?
We have a dedicated technical team responsible for research and development. But most of titanium fittings are standard, we can follow ASTM or other you asked.
3. Can you provide samples? Is there a charge?
Samples can be provided for a fee.
4. What is your payment method?
We can accept T / T, LC, trade assurance order from alibaba.com. Samples are 100% prepaid. Orders for mass production are below 1000 USD, 100% prepaid, above 1000 USD, 30% prepaid, and 70% paid before delivery.
5. How long is your delivery time?
Inventory samples: within 3 working days Products for bulk orders: 25-30 days under normal circumstances.
6. After-sales products, how to deal with problems?
Based on our statistics for each year, the probability of problems with titanium products is around 0.8%. There are two main reasons for the problem:
1) Among the products that have problems, 93% are misplaced in pre-sales communication, and the product that the customer needs is not really clear.
2) 5% is an unexpected situation and the extension of the construction period.
3) 2% is the problem of transportation and packaging. During long-distance transportation, the packaging is damaged and the surface is damaged.

7. What is your company's response to the product in question?

1) Verify and blame for pre-sales communication issues. Compensation is handled according to the proportion of liability.

2) We are 100% responsible for problems caused by damaged packaging during transportation.
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