Ruo2 Iro2 Coated Titanium Electrode Plate 4 To 6um Corrosion Resistance Anode

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CSTI
Certification ISO9001
Model Number ruo2 iro2 coated titanium anode
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Price $20.00 - $800.00/ Piece
Packaging Details 1. Packing with moisture-proof paper; 2. Packing with foam plastics in all sides; 3. Packing products in standard wooden cases.
Delivery Time 10~15 work days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 500 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Product Details
Substrate Gr1 /Gr2 As Basement Coating Ru-Ir Coating
Application For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Or Swimming Pool Coating Thickness 4-6um Or As Your Requried
Shape Mesh Plate Tube Wire Or As Your Design Working Temperature 40-50℃
Life Span At Least 1 Year Current Density <1000A/m2
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Ruo2 Coated Titanium Anode Plate


Iro2 Coated Titanium Anode Plate


6um titanium electrodes

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Product Description

Ru-Ir Coating Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator or swimming pool

Good supply ruo2 iro2 coated titanium anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator or swimming pool

The sodium hypochlorite generator is a type of water treatment disinfection device which uses sodium chloride as a raw material to produce a sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolytic reaction.

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant which occurs by electrolysis without a diaphragm by taking a dilute solution of a widely available industrial salt or seawater. To ensure that the sodium hypochlorite texture is fresh and has a high activity. To ensure the disinfection effect, the sodium hypochlorite generated will be added to the device while it is occurring. It has the same oxidative and disinfecting properties as chlorine and chlorine compounds.


Substrate Metal Chemical Composition:
















Substrate Metal Mechanical Properties:


Tensile strength(min)

Yield strength(min)

Elongation (%)












Why Choose Titanium As Basement :

1.Dimension stability

2.Long work life

3.The working voltage is low,so the power consumption is small

4.Corrosion resistance

5.Insoluble anode to avoid contamination of electrolyte and cathode products


Type 1:

1. The sodium hypochlorite generator is a combined form, which is metered into the electrolytic cell by dilute brine metering, and is electrolyzed by a silicon rectifier to generate sodium hypochlorite.

2. 1 kg of sodium hypochlorite salt consumption: 4.0-4.2; 4.3-4.5KW.

3. In the brine solution, there are several ions such as Na+ and H-. According to the theory of electrolysis, when the electrode is inserted, at a certain voltage, the electrolyte solution conducts electricity due to the movement of ions and the reaction of the electrode. At this time, CL-, Negative ions such as OH- move toward the anode, and positive ions such as Na+ and H+ move toward the cathode, and discharge occurs on the corresponding electrodes, thereby performing a redox reaction to produce a corresponding substance.

4. The brine solution electrolysis process can be expressed by the following reaction equation: NaCl=Na++Cl-

5. Anode electrolysis: H2O=H+OH- 2Cl-2e-→Cl2↑
    Cathodic electrolysis: 2H-+2e-→H2↑

Ruo2 Iro2 Coated Titanium Electrode Plate 4 To 6um Corrosion Resistance Anode 0


1. In the non-diaphragm electrolysis device, the electrolyte and the electrolyzed product are escaping outward in the solution, and the others are all in one electrolytic cell. Because the hydrogen acts to a certain agitation of the solution during the escape process, the two poles are made. A series of chemical reactions take place between the electrolyzed products, and the reaction equation is as follows:



2. In the absence of diaphragm electrolyzed brine, the total equation of the solution is the sum of the two reaction formulas listed above. NaCl+H2O+2F→NaClO+H2↑

3. The sodium hypochlorite generator consists of an electrolytic cell, a silicon rectifier electric control cabinet, a salt dissolution tank, a cooling system, and a supporting PVC pipeline, a valve, a ejector, a flow meter, and the like.

Ruo2 Iro2 Coated Titanium Electrode Plate 4 To 6um Corrosion Resistance Anode 1



1. Production of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant

2. Industrial wastewater by electrolysis

3.Swimming pool water treatment

4.Water sterilization

5.Water puritication

6. Aniti-fouling

Our Test and our control :

We can provide the Accelerated Life Test, Coating Thickness Test, Contact Resistance Test, Electrochemical Performance Test and other test before shpping .


Test Items






No stains, indentation and impurities



Binding force

Transparent adhesive tape

No peeling at the bend


bullion content




chlorine evolution potential





Chlorine evolution polarizability MV




strengthening lifetime Min



Test conditions

(1)Electrolyte composition:Sulfuric acid electrolyte (AR).electrolyte :0.25mol/L

(2)(2)Test temperature :20-40℃

(3)(3)electric current density:20000A/m2 (3)Tank voltage:4.2-15V


Baoji city changsheng can provide Life Test
Coating X-Ray Test
Coating Thickness Test
Helium Leak Detection Test,
Contact Resistance Test
Performance Test and other test.


Application Field:
& Anodes for Chlorine Evolution
Sodium Hypochlorine Generator, seawater electrolysis,mariculture,chlor-alkali industry, Swimming pool disinfection, Solar Energy Heater Tank, Sewage Water Treatment, etc.
& Anodes for Oxygen Evolution
Organic wastewater treatment, Water ionizer,Copper foil Electrolysis, Copper , Ni, Gold and Ag Recovery,cathodic protection,electroplating,non-ferrous metals electrolytic extraction.
MMO Coating types:
Ru-Ti oxide mixed, Ru-Ir oxide mixed, Ru-Ir-Sn oxide mixed, Ru-Ir-Pt oxide mixed, Ir-Ta oxide mixed, IrO2,Platinum, PbO2.
Ruo2 Iro2 Coated Titanium Electrode Plate 4 To 6um Corrosion Resistance Anode 2

Our company :

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of titanium electrodes, coated titanium anodes and waste water treatment solution in China. It has a professional technical team and skilled workers with decades of experience in titanium electrodes and electrochemistry fields. It can offer you customize high quality titanium electrodes and perfect solutions.


1. Can you give a quotation as per the product picture on your website?
Answer: Our anodes are non-standard products, most of them are in accordance with the requirements of the customer's specific requires. The application industries and countries are different, so please let your engineers or your customer's engineers to provide a specific size, anode working environment, usage, current density and life expectancy, so we can offer you specific price.


2. What is your internal inspection procedure, how do you inspect your products?
Answer: the internal inspection procedures, There are 6 steps: Material, mechanical processing, surface treatment, coating, cable connection and packing.
Every step has responsible leader, the inspector checks carefully every step with professional records, operation files, check subjects and performing programs. Once problems are checked out, steps will be taken to make up.


3. Do you have any certificate for your testes from any third party (like SGS, etc)? Or has any third party inspection company has ever tested your anodes and reported?
 Answer: yes, we do have some test certificates from famous third party, like St Louis testing laboratory and china classification society etc.


4. The wooden case is too heavy; can I have other packing method such as carton box to save the freight cost?
Answer: Wooden cases are do heavy, but as per our years of export experience, carton box can make damage for the anode. Though wooden cases are heavy, but it will not damage the anode


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