Industrial Applications of Titanium Tubes

February 9, 2023
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Industrial Applications of Titanium Tubes


1. Applications in chemical industry

The type of equipment has developed from small and simple to large and diversified. According to the chemical industry department, the application of titanium tube for equipment has expanded from the initial soda and caustic soda industry to the entire chemical industry. The annual use of titanium tubes in the chemical industry will exceed 1500 ton. After the 1970s and 1980s, Vacuum salt production enterprises gradually began to use titanium tube metal materials manufacturing equipment, and equipment corrosion condition has been greatly improved.


2. Applications in petroleum refining

Due to sulfides, chlorides and other caustics in petroleum processed products and cooling water, in the process of petroleum refining, the corrosion is serious to the oil refinery equipment, especially the condensing equipment at low temperature. The corrosion of equipment has become one of the prominent problems troubling the oil refining industry. In recent years, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced titanium tube equipment into these high corrosion process, and achieved good results.


3. Applications in the automotive industry 

Titanium tubes have been used in racing cars for many year. The light weight, high strength and other excellent properties of titanium tube have long been concerned by automobile manufacturers. The current racing cars almost all use titanium tubing. The total amount of titanium tubes used in automobile industry in Japan has more than 600 tons. With the development of the global automobile industry, titanium tubes for automobiles are still increasing rapidly.


4. Applications in medicine

Because of its weak rejection reaction with human tissue, titanium tube is widely used in artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and other human implants. In addition, the application of titanium tubes in pharmaceutical machinery and medical instruments has been further understood, and the future demand cannot be underestimated.


5. Applications in Aerospace

In the field of civil aviation, titanium materials are mainly used in aircraft engine parts, aircraft structural parts, aviation fasteners, landing gear and other subdivisions. The proportion of titanium in civil aviation is increasing. Boeing 707's titanium alloy used proportion is just 0.2%, while the 777 is 7% to 8% titanium, and the 787 is 15% titanium.


6.Applications in Nuclear Power

Titanium tube has light weight, high strength, superior mechanical properties. Widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tubular heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, serpentine tube heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator and conveying pipeline. Many nuclear power industry use titanium tubes as standard units.