Difference Between Titanium Alloy Gr5 and GR5 ELI

March 25, 2023
Latest company news about Difference Between Titanium Alloy Gr5 and GR5 ELI

Difference Between Titanium Alloy Gr5 and GR5 ELI


Grade 5 titanium alloy is an α-β titanium alloy developed in 1954. The main characteristics of Gr5 titanium alloy are excellent comprehensive performance and good technological performance. Gr5 titanium alloy has moderate room temperature strength and high temperature strength, good creep resistance and thermal stability, high fatigue resistance and crack propagation resistance in seawater, and satisfactory fracture toughness and thermal salt stress corrosion resistance, and the sensitivity to hydrogen is also smaller than other alloy, suitable for manufacturing various parts in a wide temperature range of -196~450℃. Gr5 titanium alloy also has excellent process plasticity and superplasticity, suitable for forming with a variety of pressure processing methods, and welding and machining could be carried out in various ways.

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Medical Titanium Bar


The main semi-finished forms of Gr5 titanium alloy include bar, forging, sheet, thick plate, profile and wire, etc., also used in castings.


Grade 5 ELI is an improved material type of Ti 6Al4V. The main difference is the different content of Al and the lower content of interstitial elements Fe, N, H and O. Ti 6Al4V ELI titanium alloy has the advantages of good biocompatibility, low elastic modulus, low density, good anti-corrosion performance, non-toxic, high yield strength, long fatigue life, large plasticity at room temperature, easy to form and so on, and become the ideal material for medical surgical implants. Medical Gr5 ELI titanium alloy plate is mainly used for skull repair, bone grafting and other aspects, which has higher requirements for its strength, fatigue life, plasticity and so on. Gr5 ELI titanium alloy on the basis of TC4 alloy, the contents of interstitial elements C, O, N and impurity elements Fe are reduced, so the strength is reduced, but the resilience can be significantly improved. Grade 5 ELI has good plasticity, toughness, good welding performance and low temperature performance, widely used in cryogenic engineering, medical, ships and aircraft and other important fields.

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Titanium Alloy Sheet, Gr5


Gr5 can be used in ordinary environment or high temperature environment, Gr5 ELI can be used in ultra-low temperature environment. Titanium and titanium alloys are getting more and more attention because of their high specific strength, biocompatibility and good resistance to body fluids.