Gr9 Titanium Wire ASTM B863 Density: 4.47g per cm3 for industrial

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9000:2015
Model Number GR9
Minimum Order Quantity 10KG
Price According to quantity
Packaging Details Clients’ requirement
Delivery Time 10 working days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 300 tons per month

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Product Details
Application Welding Supply State Annealed
Standard ASTM B863 Material Grade Grade9
Package Wooden Boxes Package Item Titanium Welding Wire
Category Shape Memory Using Fishing/glass/medical/industry
Supply Form In Coil, On Spool, In Straight Lengths Rolling Process Cold Rolling
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Product Description

Gr9 Titanium Wire ASTM B863 Density: 4.47g per cm3 for industrial


Grade 9 titanium wire, commonly referred to as Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy, is a prevalent type of titanium alloy wire material. It is composed of an alloy with over 90% pure titanium, along with 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium, offering superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

This alloy exhibits commendable characteristics in various industrial applications:


1. High Strength: Gr9 titanium alloy wire boasts high tensile strength and yield strength, making it suitable for applications requiring durability.
2. Lightweight: Grade 9 titanium wire is significantly lighter than steel, being 50% less heavy, and also nearly 60% lighter than copper, contributing to its use in weight-sensitive environments.

3. Corrosion Resistance: The Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy demonstrates impressive resistance to oxidizing media, seawater, and the majority of organic acids and alkalis, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions.

4. Fatigue Resistance: Titanium alloy wire has excellent fatigue resistance to alternating loads and vibration, which is beneficial in applications subject to repetitive stress.

5. Machinability: Titanium wire is relatively easy to machine, enabling the production of wires in diverse shapes and sizes for specific purposes.


Specification details for Gr9 titanium wire include:

1. Melting Temperature: 1700~1726°C, indicating high-temperature stability.
2. Density: 4.47g/cm³, confirming its lightweight nature.

3. Room Temperature Specific Heat Capacity: 858J/(kg*K), reflecting its thermal properties.

4. Non-Magnetic: This quality is essential for applications where magnetic interference could be detrimental.

5. Oxidation Resistance: The alloy's oxidation resistance allows it to withstand temperatures up to 316°C, with surface oxidation not exceeding 0.05mm when exposed to 800°C for one hour.

6. Corrosion Resistance: Comparable to that of industrial pure titanium, Gr9 retains the inherent corrosion resistance benefits of the metal.


The chemical composition of Gr9 titanium wire, as specified in ASTM B863 standards for titanium and titanium alloy grades, is clearly laid out in the provided table. These specifications ensure the alloy's consistent quality and performance across various applications.


Chemical composition
Grade N C H Fe O Al V Ti Other , max
9 0.03 0.08 0.015 0.25 0.15 2.5-3.5 2.0-3.0 Bal 0.4

Mechanical properties

Mechanical Properties(>%)
Grade Tensile Strength(min) Yeild Strength(0.2% offset)) Elongation(%)
ksi MPa Min
Ksi Mpa
9 90 620 70 483 15C





The titanium Gr9 wire, also known as Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy, is extensively utilized across diverse sectors due to its exceptional mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.


1. Aerospace Industry: Within the aerospace sector, titanium Gr9 wire is critical for manufacturing aircraft and engine components. Applications include engine blades, shock absorbers, connectors, bolts, and fasteners. Its high strength, low weight, and superior corrosion resistance make it an optimal material choice for aviation and aerospace applications where performance and reliability are paramount.


2. Sports Equipment Industry: The Gr9 wire is also incorporated into the sports equipment industry, aiding in the creation of high-end bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and other sporting gear. The material's lightweight nature combined with its robust strength makes it particularly suitable for enhancing the performance of sports equipment.


3. Additional Industries: Beyond these sectors, the Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy finds utility in various other industries such as automotive, marine, and construction. It is employed in the production of springs, fasteners, fittings, and more due to its unparalleled strength and outstanding resistance to corrosion.


In summary, titanium alloy wire is an exceedingly versatile material that is widely favored across numerous industries. Its unique combination of high strength, lightweight characteristics, and corrosion resilience positions it as an ideal material for use in aerospace, sports, and numerous other industrial applications.