World-class Titanium Industrial Base

February 24, 2023
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World-class Titanium Industrial Base


Titanium and it’s new materials are one of the important strategic metal materials of the country, which are widely used in many fields of national defense, aerospace, aviation and other national economy, with huge market potential and broad development prospects. Baoji, known as the "Titanium Valley of China", is the advanced structural materials industrial cluster base.


With Baoji High-tech Zone and Meixian County as the main carrier of the industry, supplemented by Chencang District and Panlong High-Tech Zone, to build a world-class titanium and new material industrial base as the main line, relying on the existing basic advantages of strong industrial scale, complete industrial chain, extensive industry influence and excellent development environment, to create a new development pattern of the whole industrial chain. Promote high-end, intelligent and green transformation of titanium and titanium alloy industries, and promote high-quality development of titanium and new material industries.

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Consolidate and improve the leading position in the fields of defense industry, titanium processing and equipment manufacturing, focus on improving the technological breakthrough of high-end titanium deep processing and the R&D and production capacity of new materials, and increase the development of titanium terminal products in the fields of new energy, chemical industry, building materials, ocean engineering and human body implantation. By 2025, standardized factories covers an area of one million square meters, the city's titanium material processing capacity reach 100,000 tons, and total output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, to build a world-class industrial base for titanium and new materials.

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