The first titanium alloy car body bottom deck was successfully trial-manufactured in China Ordnance Group

August 10, 2022

Recently, good news came from the production line of the special vehicle branch of China Weapons Jianglu Electromechanical Group. The first titanium alloy body profiled bottom deck was successfully trial-produced in the company's special vehicle branch.Titanium alloy car body is a key scientific research project of Jianglu Group, and bottom deck pressing is one of the key links.

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All parties work together to efficiently promote trial production, from the early stage of the mold machine to the later stage of the pressing test, and record the data of each test in detail. The production staff of the special vehicle branch are not afraid of high temperature and heat, work overtime, and implement the "8-to-8" production mode in the mold machining stage to gain valuable time for the hot-pressing test. In the hot pressing trial production, a number of simulation tests and trial pressing processing were carried out.Due to the characteristics of high strength and poor plasticity of titanium alloys, the preliminary trial production did not progress smoothly, and problems such as product deformation occurred during the trial production process. The Technology Research Institute, together with the special vehicle branch, organized and held several problem analysis meetings to coordinate and solve problems. In the end, with the cooperation of all units, the quality indicators of the hot-pressed bottom deck met the requirements of the process design, and the pressing test was successful.Jianglu Group adheres to the "two-wheel drive" of technological innovation and management innovation, and has made breakthroughs in a series of "stuck neck" key technologies. For the first time, the company tried hot-pressing processing of large-scale special-shaped curved titanium alloy materials, and achieved the successful pressing of the bottom deck of the titanium alloy car body, which fully demonstrated the company's technical level and production capacity in titanium alloy processing, and laid a solid foundation for subsequent titanium alloy car body production. Base.