Titanium round bar for ocean engineering

April 8, 2022
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Gr1 Big OD Length 6000mm Pure Titanium Welded Pipe For Ocean Engineering

Advantage Compare others material :
1.Excellent high and low temperature performance. At present, the working temperature of new heat - resistant titanium alloy
can reach 550-600℃ .Low temperature titanium alloy can maintain good toughness at -253.
2.Strong corrosion resistance The surface will quickly form thin and dense titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, seawater,
nitric acid and sulfuric acidand other oxidizing medium and strong alkali, its corrosion resistance is better than most
stainless steel.

Compapare Titanium Seamless tube :
1. Pipe fittings with thinner thick walls can be manufactured. For example, the wall thickness of welded pipe can be 0.3~0.5mm,
while the minimum wall thickness of seamless pipe is 1mm.
2.High utilization rate of raw materials;
3.High production efficiency and good economic benefits.


Size 325*6*6000m/377*6*6000mm Or As your requried
Grade Gr1 Or others titanium grade
Application 1 Seawater desalination, thin wall welded titanium tube for heat transfer
Application 2 Deep sea oil field drilling titanium condensate tube heat exchange tube
Application 3 Seawater system: titanium ballast water pipe, control valve and catchment valve, etc
Application 4 Ocean thermal power station,titanium evaporator and condenser heat transfer tube, heat exchanger
Application 5 Increased equipment durability

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